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Kurator: 0762- 75 75 70 

Prokurator Ekonomi: 0727- 13 37 25

Prokurator Social: 0762- 75 75 72

Notarie: 0707- 55 34 18


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Helsingkrona Nation
Tornavägen 3 C
223 63 LUND

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Mondays - Fridays: 11.00 - 13.00
Tuesdays & Thursdays: 17.00 - 18.00

Join Helsingkrona nation

Are you accepted to Lund University, or Malmö University, and want to join Helsingkrona Nation? This is how you do it!

  1. Enter, press “Sign up” and follow the instructions.

  2. After you’ve paid you will receive a temporary Studentlund membership. With this membership you can for example join the student accommodation queue. You can find all information about our accommodations at

  3. The last step is to come by our office at Tornavägen 3C, during weekdays 10-13. You must visit the nation office to be able to join Helsingkrona Nation. Unfortunately, we cannot sign you up via email. Warmly Welcome! 

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Feel free to use this form to contact us if you have any questions. E-mails sent through this form goes to