The foremen at Helsingkrona are the nations foremost heroes! They make up the amazing group of people that in different ways are involved in the nation's business so that all our visitors will have pleasant experiences together with us. Our foremen are our pride and we are confident that you will like them as much as we do!

Being a foreman at Helsingkrona is not only all about responsibilities and a great experience for life, but also lots of fun, new friends and privileges!

A few times during the semester you are responsible, either on your own or with the help of a fellow foreman, for one of the Nation’s activities. This can for example be to be responsible for the club, the lunch or for the graphic design of Helsingkrona. To help you out during the activities, you often have a team of workers by your side.

Since we are very grateful for our foremen you will receive a green card which gives you free entry to the clubs of the nations that are linked to Studentlund and the ability to skip the queue for Helsingkrona's own clubs. Furthermore you will be invited to evenings exclusively for formen, gain lots of new friends and acquaintances, trips, amazing experiences and a community like no other!

Do you think that this could be something for you? Send an e-mail to our PQS: