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The Helsingkrona Spex has given performances for decades; in fact, it’s been doing so since 1983. Not only that, but Helsingkrona has had considerable talents in the spex world long before that. In 1954, the renowned Djingis Khan spex was written by, among others, some big Helsingkrona names.

These Helsingkronites were Hans Alfredsson from the humour duo “Hasse och Tage” and the long-time Helsingkrona-[involved] Patrick Meurling! Mr. Alfredsson needs little introduction (a quick search for “Hasse och Tage” is all you need), and for anyone versed in relatively contemporary Helsingkrona history, neither does Mr. Meurling; after being the Prokurator in 1955, he returned to the student world in 1983 to be Helsingkrona’s Inspektor, a title he held until 1995, after which he became an honorary member. If you, the reader, are interested in studying parts of his facial topography, his casted nose is number 16 in Nasoteket in the AF building.

Helsingkrona’s first spex was called “Jöns Bund från Lund, or: Agent 700”, and the spex has only grown and grown since then! Early 1986 there was even a tour to Uppsala with what turned out to be half a performance of 1985’s “Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotch, or: I lost my head in Bloody Mary”. The tour was sadly short-lived, because the first showing was interrupted by that year’s unfortunate news about Palme.

Since then, the spex has continued to develop through the years. Many traditions have come and gone, but some have stood the test of time better than others. One neat tradition is that the alternative title appears at least once as a line in the spex, to the cheers of the audience. Another is that the spex always focuses on deceased historical figures. There have been a few exceptions to the last one, often as interpretations of contemporary characters, like James Bond. Even more current personalities have made appearances: both Ernst Kirschsteiger and Gordon Ramsey have appeared as characters on stage, although not at the same time.

One tradition that has stayed since the very beginning, and an important component to the creative development, is that we have always written entirely new performances for each year. This has contributed to maintaining the innovative thinking of the members throughout the years, and can lead to some unexpected mentions! For example, the title character of their first performance made a cameo in their 30-year anniversary, “30-åriga kriget, eller: Har jag närt en katolik vid min barm?”.

Do you want to learn more about the spex in its current form? Send a message to the Spex foremen, and they’ll be able to give clarity you’re looking for! It’s an excellent way to get into a fantastic community!

Max Troedsson,
Spexförman Emeritus


All the plays of the Helsingkrona spex in chronological order

  • 1983 Jöns Bund i Lund, eller: Agent 700
  • 1984 The Return of Leif Eriksson, eller: Vad faen gör man med en säck potäter?
  • 1985 Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotch, eller: I Lost My Head In Bloody Mary
  • 1986 Vilse i sanden, eller :Borta på vinden
  • 1987 Vicekungen av Indien eller Stryparsektens hemlighet, eller: Fakirernas kamp eller Det storslagna fyrverkeriet
  • 1988 Philip Morris
  • 1989 Tycho Brahe
  • 1990 Marco Polo
  • 1991 Napoleon i Alperna, eller: Tyrolergök i glatt följe
  • 1992 Amundsen, eller: Siste man till polen är en kruka
  • 1993 Johan August, eller: Giftas på låtsas
  • 1994 Dante, eller: In med dem i hissen
  • 1995 Don Quijote, eller: Hur stor e kossan egentligen?
  • 1996 Magnus Stenbock, eller: Gud, vad här e vackert!
  • 1997 Mata Hari, eller: Med farmor i Baden-Baden
  • 1998 Wagner, eller: Döden - en kärlekshistoria
  • 1999 Rockefeller, eller: Finns det mer snittar här?
  • 2000 Jerusalem, eller: Påven är villig men köttet är svagt
  • 2001 Linné, eller: Måtte djävulen ta alla fruntimmer!
  • 2002 Zarah Leander, eller: Ge honom en hårtork eller nå't!
  • 2003 Lord Byron, eller: Gud så opedagogiskt!
  • 2004 Stockholms blodbad, eller: Hur man frälser en stockholmare
  • 2005 Einstein, eller: Sex, incest och gamla greker
  • 2006 Cecil Rhodes, eller: Den här båten går ju till Indien!
  • 2007 George Washington, eller: Får man ta en kaka till?
  • 2008 Elizabeth I, eller: Hvem fand har stilt sit væxthus her?!
  • 2009 Lucky Luciano, eller: Poliser, sicilienare och jag vet inte vad
  • 2010 Mozart, eller: Det går lika bra med Salieri
  • 2011 Nicolaus Copernicus, eller: Vad har detta med påvens underkläder att göra?
  • 2012 Cajsa Warg, eller: Låt middagen börja!
  • 2013 30-åriga kriget, eller: Har jag närt en katolik vid min barm?
  • 2014 John Ford, eller: Får ej visas för anständig publik
  • 2015 Mary Shelley, eller: Det är någonting med ond bråd död som kittlar sinnena
  • 2016 Ansgar, eller: Era gudar ska dö nu!                                                                                                                                                                                                             2017 Atlantis, eller: Jag ska aldrig äta kola igen!


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For a Helsingkrona Spex to maintain the same high quality as always, it requires a lot of people helping each other. For example, we need people to act on stage, musicians, builders, sewers, make up artists, light and sound technicians and people who can build . You don’t need any prior knowledge of what ever you want to help with, the older spexare will teach you how everything works. Only people applying to act or play in the orchestra need to have some prior knowledges and therefore, they must audition.

As a spexare in Helsingkrona spexare you get to hang out with the best people, but you will also receive a lot of other advantages. You get the same benefits as the nation's so called “jobbare”, an invite to Tjänstemannafesten and free entrance to Helsingkrona's clubs, but you will also get to join Helsingkronaspexets own parties. You will also get food on the rehearsals which also always ends with a sauna hang on Helsingkronagården.

Some wonder how much time it requires to be spexare, which vary depending on what you would like to help with. Contact us an we’ll tell you more about it!

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