Helsingkronagården includes two residential buildings. The house and the tower. The house was built in 1958 , five stories high until 1965 when it got extended to 7 . In 2015 the tower was finished, standing tall, one hundred meters above the sea level. With these two houses Helsingkrona Nation can offer 354 students accommodation in varying forms.



Helsingkrona’s newly built tower, with apartments to up to a hundred meters above sea level. the tower contains 69 three room apartments with kitchen and bathrooms with shower. Rents below are laid out over twelve months. 

There is a variation in the rent between floors. 


apartment designation                   Size                         Rent (Twelve months)

1001 - 1002 (ground floor)                                     Ca 42 sqm                         7802 kr
1101 - 2106 (level 2-12)                                         Ca 46 sqm                           7906 - 8011 kr
2201 (top floor)                                                      Ca 71 sqm                         12 490 kr

Huset - The House

Huset's main type of accommodation is the corridor room, there are 161 such rooms of approximately 20 square meters, with its own shower and bathroom. Kitchen and living room is shared with up to fourteen others. In Huset there are also 22 apartments fit for two people, about 50 square meters, suitable for couples and friends, as well as one-man apartments, about 25 square metres, which are more similar to a corridor room except that there is also a small kitchen. 

Corridor room: 4027, nine month rent.
One room apartment: 4 680 kr, nine month rent.
Apartment (2 room with kitchen): 7450 kr, nine month rent.

There may be variations in the rent of some apartments.

If you have any questions regarding accommodation on Helsingkrona you can contact Helsingkronas House Foreman. The House Foreman is available on Helsingkrona's office during the following hours (during non-holidays): 

Weekdays 11 - 13
Tuesdays 17 - 18
Thursdays 17 - 18


If you have questions about rent and accommodation, contact our house foreman
Phone: 0702 60 91 13
E-mail: husforman@helsingkrona.se
Available by phone weekdays 8 - 18. Only contact other times in case of emergency. 


Forms concerning accommodation

Beneath you can download the forms for applying for accommodation at Helsingkrona. Here you can also find forms for terminating your contract, or subletting your room or apartment.


Please observe that it is only acceptable to rent out your room/apartment in case of the following reasons:

  • Military duty
  • Cohabitation at other place, at most six months 
  • University studies at other site, at most twelve months

The subletting-contract must be approved by the house foreman at least two weeks before the subletting period is supposed to start. This can only be done with a personal visit to the Helsingkrona office with all persons affected involved.