The Kuratel at Helsingkrona Nation is the operational board of the nation. These are the people who are committed to making every member feel welcome, and give room for creativity and opportunities to gain experience in within the nation's boundaries. If you are aching for a cup of coffee or just want to pitch some ideas, come on in to our office where you will find this happy gang!



Tove ekman

The Kurator is ultimately responsible for everything that has to do with the nation. The Kurator is the contact person for members, actives and alumni as well as other organizations, the authorities and media.



ulrika abrahamsson

The Prokurator is responsible for the nation’s economy and questions regarding this. This also includes budgeting and accounting for the nation.



Prokurator social

Peter kempe

The Prokurator Social is responsible for the nation’s continuous activities, purchasing and contact with foremen and workers. Questions regarding bookings or advance purchases are handled by them.


Erik Photo- Erik Månsson.jpg


erik månsson

The Notarie is responsible for the nations marketing, protocol writing and documentation and works closely with the different committees and special activities in the nation.