Application to become a foreman HT18


The day you all waited for is finally here. It's time to apply to become a foreman at Helsingkrona Nation autumn semester 2018!

We now open up the application to become a foreman. You can find more information about the different posts below the application form. You can apply until the 4th of June.

As a foreman you are in charge of planning and work the shift. You get to plan the menu, the schedule and find workers. No matter which post you apply for you should be organized, good at planning and have an interest in meeting new people. Some of the posts also requires that you can handle some pressure.

As a thank you for beeing a foreman you get a green gard that gives you a free entrance to all the nations of Studentlund. You also get to attend several activities such as dinners, thank you-sittnings, movie nights and the legendary foreman-trip! Besides this you also get a discount card that can be used at our restaurants and priority on bigger events. Beeing a foreman is also a good thing to write on your CV. But the most important thing is that you get friends for the rest of your life!

All foremen are supposed to do some tasks during the semester:
- Fire training during the beginning of the semester.
- Help prepare before Snörsjöabalen October 6th.
- Participate in the cleaning-days.
- Put up posters or unload groceries.
- If you will be serving alcohol, you need to take a course about the alcohol law.




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Here is a descriprion of the posts that you can apply for. 

Beeing a lunch-foreman is perfect if you are interested in cooking!
You work together with a partner and you are in charge of Kronalunchen once every second or every third week. You get to plan a menu for 70 guests. We serve a main course, salad & bread and coffee with dessert.
The lunch is served at 12AM on Mondays and Tuesdays, you work between 9AM-2:30PM. You need two to four workers.

Winbladhs Restaurant
Beeing a Winbladhs-foreman is perfect if you are interested in high quality cooking!
You work together with a partner and you are in charge of Winbladhs Restaurant every third Wednesday, Together you get to plan a menu for 70 guests. You will serve tree different main courses and one dessert or a side dish.
The restaurant is open between 7PM-9PM on Wednesdays and you work between 2PM-10PM. You need four to five workers.

Winbladhs Cocktailbar
The post as a cocktail-foreman is perfect if you are interested in cocktails and other beverages!
You and your workers are in charge of the cocktailbar during Winbladhs Restaurant every third Wednesday. You also get to set the tables, charge the costumers and help during the restaurant.
The cocktailbar is open on Wednesdays between 7PM-midnight, and you work between 5PM-00:30AM. You need three workers.

Fredmans Pub
Beeing a Fredmans-foreman is perfect if you like making nice hamburgers!
As a Fredmans-foreman you work with a partner. Together you plan and work Fredmans Pub every third Friday. We serve standard burges and nachos. Besides that you also get to choose a special burger every time you work Fredmans. During the pub we also serve a big range of nice beers, ciders and alocol free beverages.
Fredmans Pub is open between 3PM-7PM on Fridays and you work between 12AM-8PM. You need five to seven workers.

If you like cooking and planning - sittning is the right thing for you!
As a sittning-foreman you work with a partner. Together you every fourth week plan and work a sittning for up to 130 guests. You get to choose the three course menu that you will serve.
The sittnings are between 7:30PM-9:30PM on Fridays, and you work between 2PM-11PM. How many workers you need depend on how many guests you have.

Are you energetic and like to work in a high pace? Then club-foreman is something you'd like!
You work in a team with two other club-foremen. Together you are in charge of Helsingkronas nightclub every fourth Friday. Usually it is Schlagernatt, but sometimes we have other themes. As a club-foreman you should be able to handle preassure, be organized and good to solve problems. You prepare everything for the club, do a schedule for your workers and make sure everything goes well during the evening.
The club is open between 10PM-2AM on Fridays, and you work between 8:30PM-3PM. You need 13 workers for the club.

Rise N' Shine Brunch
Can you imagine nothing better than serving the best brunch in town to people that are tired in the morning on a Saturday? Then you are the right person to become a brunch-foreman!
As a brunch-foreman you work with a partner. You will every third Saturday cook a brunch for 40 people. We have some standard dishes such as scrambled eggs, panncakes & scones, but you can also choose some of the dishes yourselves.
The brunch opens at 12AM on Saturdays, and you work between 9AM-3PM. You need four workers.

Baking & washing
Do you like baking and taking it easy? Then baking & washing is perfect for you! It is also good if you don't have time on weekdays, and want a more flexible shift.
You are in charge of baking & washing for Helsingkronas restaurants every third week. Among other things, you get to bake bread, scones and wash table cloths, aprons etc.
You get to bake and wash when you want during the weekend, and it takes around five hours. If you want, you can do it yourself but you can also have one or two workers.