Helsingkrona Nation election committee announces

Helsingkrona Nation election committee announces
The following positions are to be elected at the
second nation meeting the 29th of November 2016.

Term of office covering one semester:

Två Tandemamiraler
IT-förman: Operator

Term of office covering one calendar year:

PR-förman: Fotografi
Lokalförman: Säkerhet
Internationell sekreterare
IT-förman: Nätverksansvarig
Två revisorer för Helsingkrona Nation
Två revisorsuppleanter för Helsingkrona Nation
Revisor för Helsingkronagården
Revisorsuppleant för Helsingkronagården
Revisor för Helsingkronas stipendiefonder
Revisorsuppleant för Helsingkronas stipendiefonder


Term of office covering two calendar years:

Five members of Seniorkollegiet
Two members Helsingkronagården’s board
One Revisorsuppleant of Helsingkronagården’s board

Term of office covering one calendar year:

Three members of the Election Committee
One deputy member of the Election Committee

Please note: All positions for the election committee
are nominated and elected at the nation meeting.
If you have any questions contact: valberedning@helsingkrona.se


Proposals are submitted to the election committee at the latest 8/11 kl 17:59.
Proposals are submitted through the nomination form on http://helsingkrona.se/nominering

Computer with connection to the Internet is available at the nation’s expedition.

Only signed nominations will be considered.


Kind Regards,

Peter Kempe, President of the Election Committee

The Election Committee

Erik Johansson, Hannes Fornell, Joakim Svensson,

Johanna Lindvall, Lovisa Jivhed and Sarah Pettersson Goh