Helsingkrona Nation’s Election Committee Nominates

The following posts are nominated to
this spring’s first Nation meeting
the 17 of March 2016

Term of office covering one calendar year:

Magdalena Signäs

The election committee sees in Magdalena Signäs a person who is passionate about Helsingkrona Nation and its members. With the merits and experience she brings with her Magdalena is well prepared for what it takes to be Kurator. With clear visions and ideas for the future the election committee believes that Magdalena can take the nation to new heights. Her empathic and energetic style of leadership is what makes the election committee certain that Magdalena Signäs would be an excellent Kurator for Helsingkorna Nation.

Lovisa Jivhed and Sofia Mietzner did not partake in the decision

Prokurator Social
Marcus Halbauer

Marcus has great social skill and a style of leadership that the election committee believes will suit the position of PQS. Along with having a deep understanding and experience of the nation, there is a sense of structure and organisation. With insight in the nation’s way of operating plus a great understanding for the position means that Marcus is ready to take this on. Marcus is passionate about the nation and wants to improve its operation.With his exciting visions and energy we believe in the election committee that Marcus will be a great PQS.

Lovisa Jivhed and Sofia Mietzner did not partake in the decision


Counter Proposals are submitted to the election committee at the latest 17:59 on 10/3

Counterproposals are submitted through the nomination form: http://goo.gl/forms/4Q1ufQ0S4F
Computer with internet connection is available at the nation’s expedition.
Only signed nominations will be considered.


Kind regards,
Viktor Stevander, The Election Comittee’s President

The Election Committee:
Lovisa Jivhed, Sofia Mietzner, Sebastian Nilsson, Sarah Pettersson Goh and Frida Wihlborg