Helsingkrona Nations election commitee nominates

The following positions are to be elected at
the Seniors meeting the 20th of April 2016


Term of office covering one calendar year:


Axel Johnson

Axel is orderly, structured, have good experience in Helsingkronas slabb operations and insight into what the office of Barmästare means. He has previous experience of inventory and great interest in, among other things, whiskey. With his ideas for improvements and his good relationship with seated Barmästare, the election committee believes that Axel will do a very good job as Barmästare.

Frida Wihlborg has not been participating in the advisory


 Proposals are submitted to the election committee at the latest 13/4 kl 17:59.

Counterproposals are submitted through the nomination form.
Computer with connection to the Internet is available at the nation’s expedition.
Only signed nominations will be considered.

Kind regards,
Viktor Stevander, The Election Comittee’s President

The Election Committee:
Lovisa Jivhed, Sofia Mietzner, Sebastian Nilsson,
Sarah Pettersson Goh and Frida Wihlborg