Announcement och scholarships HT16

Hereby we declare Helsingkrona Nation's self-managed scholarships!

The following scholarships are announced by the Kurator of Helsingkrona Nation 2016-09-22.

Applications must be received by the office not later than 2016-10-05 18:00.

Application forms are available at the office or by mail to

PLEASE NOTE! For the application to be considered Helsingkrona's own form must be used, all necessary information must be completed and the application shall be signed and certified.

Qualified candidates are those that:

  • study at university or college that provides access to membership in the nation

  • has studied at the University for at least three semesters and

  • who have been members of Helsingkrona at least 3 semesters


1. Emmy Ekberg's scholarship Fund number 2
Precedence: lawyers.

3. Emil Heijne's Appendix
Applicant: lawyers. Precedence: High scool diploma in HBG.

4. Martha P:son Henning's Scholarship
Applicant: a medical student who is found to be predisposed to scientific research.

5. Sven Ljungberg Hagen's Scholarship
Applicant: physicians and scientists. Precedence: relatives.

6. Scholarship Fund in Arvid Leires Memory
Applicant: a medical student.

7. Professor Bäcklund
Applicant: everyone.

8. Elementary school teacher Johan Holm's Scholarship
Applicants: students at the theological or philosophical faculty who are born or resident in Höganäs or Väsby congregation.

9. Dr. Wilhelm Håkansson's Scholarship Fund
Applicant: a needy student

10. Helsingkrona Nation Jubilee Donation
Applicant: everyone.

12. Maria Mårtensson's Scholarship Fund
Applicant: limited means, proper, diligent and sober way of life known student.

13. Nils Gustaf Persson's Scholarship Fund
Applicant: everyone.

14. Nils Persson and Martha's Scholarship
Applicant: any. Precedence: those who are in genuine need of financial help and those born in Helsingborg.

15. Karl Petrén's Scholarship Fund
Applicant: everyone.

17. Wilhelm Peyron's Scholarship Fund
Applicant: everyone.

18. Elisabeth and Albert Sahlin's Scholarship
Applicant: everyone. Precedence: the matriculation examination in Eslöv.

19. The Vice-Chancellor P K Svensson's Scholarship
Applicant: everyone. Priority: the matriculation examination in Landskrona.

20. Dean Sorenson's Scholarship
Applicant: any. Priority: relatives of the donor.

21. Martin Weibull's Scholarship
Applicant: everyone.

22. Thorild Dahlgren's Scholarship Fund
Applicant: preferably travel scholarship for studies in non-Scandinavian countries. For students at the mat-nat, hum, sam, ek, jur faculty or LTH. Precedence: those engaged in pure or applied mathematics.

NOTE! Travel report shall be submitted to the nation.

23. Lawyer Wilhelm Pehrson's Scholarship Fund
Applicant: travel scholarship to a student at the jur faculy or philosophy faculty, language or art studies in Greece, Italy, France or England.

NOTE! Travel report shall be submitted to the nation.


Boman Lyngfelt
Helsingkrona Nation