Helsingkrona Nation election committee announces

Helsingkrona Nation’s Election Committee announces

The following positions are to be elected at the second Nation Meeting Tuesday the 4th of December 2018

 Term of office covering one year:





PR-förman: Film

PR-förman: Foto

Lokalförman: Säkerhet

Internationell sekreterare

IT-förman: Operator





Two Auditor for Helsingkrona Nation

Two Secondary Auditor for Helsingkrona Nation

Auditor for Helsingkronafgården

Secondary Auditor for Helsingkronagården

Auditor for Helsingkronas stipendiefonder

Secondary Auditor for Helsingkronas stipendiefonder



Term of office covering one semester (190101-190630):

Two tandemamiraler

By-election covering one semester: (190101-190630) :


By-election covering one year: (190101-191231) :

One member of Seniorskollegiet

Term of office covering two years (190101-201231):

Five members of Seniorskollegiet

Two members of Helsingkronagårdens Styrelse

One member of Helsingkronagårdens Styrelse who has knowledge and experience within law, economy and property management and with work experience

Term of office covering one year (190101-191231):

All positions for the election committee are nominated and elected at the nation meeting. Three members of the Election Committee, at least one and no more than two should be a member of Seniorskollegiet


Proposals are submitted to the election committee no later than November 13th, 5:59 pm.

Proposals are submitted through the nomination form on helsingkrona.se/nominering

Computer with connection to the Internet is available at the nation’s expedition. Only signed nominations will be considered.


Kind Regards,

Laura Schmitz, Valberedningens ordförande

The Election Committee

Daniel Willén, Joakim Svensson, Maria Framgård & Olivia Book