Helsingkrona Nation election committee nominates

Helsingkrona Nations Election Committee Nominates

The following persons are nominated for election at the 1st Nations meeting March 14th 2019


Term of office covering one year:



Augusta Manninger

The election committee has decided to nominate Augusta Manninger to the position as “Kurator” at Helsingkrona Nation. Augusta has a clear vision of leadership while also possessing the tools to implement that vision, tools obtained through her education that is very focused on leadership and organizational development. During times of stress or demanding situations, Augusta trusts in her own abilities and is not afraid to take command, but does not shy away from asking others for help if necessary. With an ability to emit energy and inspire commitment in others, the Election Committee is convinced that Augusta would be a great asset to the kuratel of Helsingkrona.

The election committee is unanimous

Prokurator Social

Robert Nyberg

The election committee has decided to nominate Robert Nyberg to the position as “Prokurator Social” at Helsingkrona Nation. Robert have been an active member for a long time, and has thorough experience with the different activities of the nation. He has previously held positions as festmästare as well as foreman for Winbladhs and the krona lunch. Also being a member of Seniors for one and a half year, he has been involved with the organizational development group, a group which is closely connected with the work as PQS. Apart from the nation, Robert has also been involved in voluntary work in the Karneval 2018 in the management group in the role of sexmästare. Robert has great insight to the requirements for the role of a PQS. During his terms, he is keen to focus on increasing the transparency between the kuratel and the foremen. The Election Committee concludes that Robert, with regard to his relevant experiences, will be a solid addition to the kuratel, as well as the foremen and the other members of Helsingkrona. The election committee is unanimous

Term of office covering barely one year:







Proposals are submitted to the election committee no later than March 7th, 5:59 pm.

Proposals are submitted through the nomination form on http://helsingkrona.se/nominering

Computer with connection to the Internet is available at the nation’s expedition.

Only signed nominations will be considered.

Kind regards

Laura Schmitz, President of the Election Committee

The Election Committee:

Daniel Willén, Joakim Svensson, Kajsa Sikström & Maria Framgård