Helsingkrona Nations Election Committee Nominates

Helsingkrona Nations Election Committee Nominates

The following entries for the second nation meeting April 25th 2017

By-election covering one term:

En ledamot av Seniorskollegiet

Boman Lyngfelt

The Nomination Committee chooses to nominate Boman Lyngfelt to the post member of the senior council. The year as Kurator at Helsingkrona nation has given Boman a unique insight into the nation's business and a good knowledge of its external cooperation with other organizations in Lund. The Nomination Committee believes that these skills can come in handy in the seniorskollegiet especially with the upcoming Inspektors installation and the approaching Lundakarnevalen. This combined with his passionate commitment to the nation makes the Nomination Committee certain that that Boman will do an excellent job in seniors.

Peter Kempe and Erik Johansson has not participated in the advisory



Election covering one term:




Johanna Alvarsson

Klubbförman is a new committee position and was previously a slabbposition. The switch to committee position will cause a number of tasks to change. Johanna was Klubbförman when it was a slabbpostion and the Election Committee believes that the preservation of her knowledge will be of particular importance. It has been a successful spring for Helsingkrona’s clubs and Johanna have a strong desire to take this to the next level. She is also looking forward to taking more responsibility at the nation. The Election Committee has therefore with full confidence decided to nominate Johanna Alvarson to the position as Klubbförman.

Joey Erichsen, Hannes Fornell & Amanda Franzén has not participated in the advisory



Term of office covering one calendar year:



Josefina Almén

The position as Klubbförman is a new committee position at Helsingkrona nation, that used to be a slabbpostion. The switch to committee position means that the tasks will change. Josefina is an organized person and by working with a long term perspective the Election Committee have confidence that she will do a great job. She wants to find new club concepts that attracts more visitors to the nation by working in an analytical and innovative way. Josefina is looking forward to new challenges and is prepared to spend a lot of time and dedication and therefor has the Election Committee nominated Josefina Almén to the position of Klubbförman.

Joey Erichsen, Hannes Fornell & Amanda Franzén has not participated in the advisory


PR-Förman: Grafisk Design

Sissela Svärdh

Sissela has previously been active in the section of Mechanics at LTH, where she has had a creative and significant role in the marketing committee. She possesses a good knowledge of several editing programs, and shows a very positive attitude to cooperate with other foremen in the committee. The Election Committee believes that Sissela’s expertise will be very valuable for the nation, and will therefore with great confidence nominate her to the position of PR-Förman: Grafisk Design.

Robert Nyberg, Ina Ögren & Erik Johansson has not participated in the advisory



Tove Ekman

Her grounded personality och positive attitude are two of the reasons why the Election Committee deem Tove Ekman a suitable candidate for the position of Novichförman. Her previous experiences as Eftersläppsförman at Helsingkrona and as mentor at her student union has given her a greater understanding of how important the first contact with new students is. Tove’s humble approach will be a great contribution to Helsingkrona’s continuous work with attracting new students to the nation. With this in mind the Election Committee believes that Tove will be a good contribution to Helsingkrona’s novisch work and have chosen to nominate her to the position of Novischförman.

Ina Ögren, Erik Johansson & Robert Nyberg has not participated in the advisory





Oliver Särnehed

The Helsingkrona spex is a large committee and to be able to lead this effort as a Spexförman requires a huge commitment and responsiveness. It is also important that a Spexförman has good communication skills since many of Helsingkronas activities are affected by the spex. The Nomination Committee believes that Oliver Särnehed possesses these qualities and would do a good job as a Spexförman. He has visions of how the spex will grow even larger and he will work hard to maintain the high quality the spex holds today. That he also wants the spex to open up and participate more in the nation's other activities, which the Election Committee think is fantastic and therefore choose to nominate Oliver Särnehed to the position of Spexförman.

Erik Johansson & Joey Erichsen has not participated in the advisory


IT-Förman: Operator

Jonas Remgård

Jonas has earlier held large positions at Helsingkrona as Barmästare and Övermarskalk, which confirms that he is capable of working under pressure. The IT-committee is also built upon a cross-border cooperation between the other IT-foreman and alumni which Jonas shows ambition to maintain. With a great understand of what the position entails together with an education which directly falls under the frames of Operator ensures the Election Committee that Jonas is extremely suited candidate and will maintain the high standard that Helsingkrona’s internet currently has.

Erik Johansson, Ina Ögren & Robert Nyberg has not participated in the advisory


IT-Förman: Webbmaster

Erik Gullberg

The position of Webmaster is about maintaining and developing Helsingkrona’s webpage. The IT-committee is unique in a way where they to a larger degree work together with the different IT-functions of the nation. Erik information systems  at the university and have also acted as webmaster for another organization for three years which the Election Committee thinks will come in handy for the position. With a genuine interest and an ambition to further develop the IT section of Helsingkrona, the Election Committee are united in their belief that Erik will perform an excellent job as IT-Förman Webmaster.

Erik Johansson, Ina Ögren & Robert Nyberg has not participated in the advisory


En Festmästare

Markus Krook

Holding the position Festmästare involves planning grand celebrations and dinners, to be skilled at planning sittnings and having a great interest in food is therefore of great importance. The Nomination Committee has therefore decided to nominate Markus Krook to one of the position of Festmästare. Markus has previous experience of working with catering and has been Sittningförman at Helsingkrona. But it is not his experience that stands out, but it is his dedication and curiosity for the position. The Nomination Committee is confident that Mark will take on the position of Festmästare with a desire to constantly develop himself, the position and all who work with Markus and has therefor nominated him to position of Festmästare.

Joey Erichsen & Erik Johansson has not participated in the advisory


Hanna Månsson

With a positive attitude towards challenges and work Hanna has several ideas and plans for events that would put the nation in the forefront of alcohol-free activities. She is well prepared for the position's responsibility and she has previous experience in similar areas, where she during a period was working out of the country to create various events and arrange different activities. With a target to see more cooperation with the Activity Committee, the Nomination Committee dems Hanna as a very good candidate and can with full confidence nominate Hanna Månsson to the position of NATU-Förman.

Ina Ögren & Erik Johansson has not participated in the advisory

Vacant Postitions

Term of office covering one calendar year:

En Festmästare


PR-förman: Redaktör

Lokalförman: Teknik

Tre ledamöter till AF:s överstyrelse

Tre suppleanter till AF:s överstyrelse




Proposals are submitted to the Election Committee no later than 18th 5:59 pm.

Counterproposals are submitted through the nomination form on helsingkrona.se/nominering
Computer with connection to the Internet is available at the nation’s expedition.
Only signed nominations will be considered.

Kind regards
Peter Kempe, President of the Election Committee

The Election Committee:
Amanda Franzén, Erik Johansson, Hannes Fornell,
Ina Ögren, Joey Erichsen & Robert Nyberg