Helsingkrona Nations Election Committee Nominates

Helsingkrona Nations Election Committee Nominates

The following entries for the seniors meeting September 6th 2017

Term of office covering approximately one fiscal year:

Internationell Sekreterare

Marlaina Lahger

Being an exchange student isn’t always the most easiest of affairs. A new country, a new town and an alien student life. To facilitate the welcoming of exchange students a person who is open, positive and including is needed. The Election Committee therefore nominates    Marlaina Lahger to the position of International Secretary. She herself has first-handedly experienced how challenging it can be to move to Lund as an exchange student and her ambition is that new exchange students should feel welcome, taken care of and included inthe nation and thus attract even more exchange students to Helsingkrona.The Election Committee’s decision was unanimous.

Magdalena Signäs has not participated in the interviews

PR-förman: Redaktör

Emelie Malmqvist

PR-förman: Redaktör is a position which is dependent on a motivated person who wants to move forward. Commitment and energy is required, but also knowledge and humility to master the coordinating of various editorial tasks. Based on earlier experiences in marketing and carry out projects, The Election Committee nominates Emelie Malmquist for the position as PR-förman: Redaktör. Emelie has interesting visions for both the Editor position particularly and the PR-committee in general, which promises a bright future for Helsingkrona and especially Helsingkroniten.

Magdalena Signäs has not participated in the interviews


Lokalförman: Teknik



Term of office covering approximately one semester:


IT-förman: Operator

Jonas Hellman

The tasks of IT-förman: Operator primarily include the administration and maintenance of Helsingkrona's servers. At the same time, the position is an important part in the IT committee, where much of the work is characterized by troubleshooting and development of various internet-related functions for Helsingkrona Nation. Jonas is studying the fourth year of technical physics with a master's degree in software. In addition to an early and solid interest in computers and technology, he also has previous experience in IT through his own entrepreneurship, but also through consulting in IT-related issues at other nations in Lund. Furthermore, problem solving is something that Jonas has a huge interest in, and he is stimulated by new challenges. Hence, the combination of a broad experience together with the motivation of constantly learning new things about IT, the Election Committee believes that Jonas will be of great value, partly as IT - förman: Operator, but also as a complement in Helsingkrona's IT committee.

Magdalena Signäs has not participated in the interviews


Proposals are submitted to the Election Committee no later than 4th 5:59 pm.

Counterproposals are submitted through the nomination form on helsingkrona.se/nominering
Computer with connection to the Internet is available at the nation’s expedition.
Only signed nominations will be considered.

Kind regards
Amanda Franzén, President of the Election Committee

The Election Committee:
Joey Erichsen, Kewin Erichsen, Robert Nyberg & Magdalena Signäs