Helsingkrona Nations Election Committee Nominates

Helsingkrona Nations Election Committee Nominates

The following persons are nominated for election at the extraordinary Nations meeting the 25th of January 2018



Term of office covering approximately two years:




Två ledamöter av Helsingkronagårdens styrelse

Caroline Hallbäck

Caroline has a long and solid experience of Helsingkrona Nation. She became active at the nation in 2007 and has been a foreman and has served as PQ (now called PQE) in the kuratel. After that she has been a part of the house board where she has been involved from the start in the work with the new house. Caroline has also worked as an accountant since 2012 and has a knowledge of economics that will be of use for the housing board. If elected again, Caroline wants to make sure that the houses are doing well, evaluate the management and investigate the possibilities for more housing.

The election committee is unanimous in its decision
Olivia Book has not participated in the process.



John Örtengren

John has been a part of the housing board since 2012 and before then he was active in the IT
Committee. He has also been involved in several projects at the nation like renovating the
Gillestuga and building the DJ booth that still stands. Renovations are something he still works
with and gained insight into industry standards and how to think with a long term perspective. If John is elected again for the housing board, he wants to see, among other things, whether it is possible to fix the energy leaks we have at the house to reduce costs and develop the communication between the housing board and the nation.

 The election committee is unanimous in its decision
Olivia Book has not participated in the process.



En ledamot av Helsingkronagårdens styrelse med kunskap och kompetens inom
juridik, ekonomi eller fastighetsförvaltning och med lång och gedigen erfarenhet från arbetslivet



Term of office covering approximately one year:




Lokalförman: Säkerhet




Internationell sekreterare





Erika Alm

Erika has during her time at the nation been active in various foreman posts such as
idrottsförman and as a novishförman as well as her work in the seniorskollegiet. She has been
working on implementing new regulations to improve the nation's effect on the environment and is not afraid to work hard in order to achieve her goals. Erika is well prepared to tackle the post as alumniförman and has several ideas on how to improve the connection between old and new members at the nation.

The election committee is unanimous in its decision



PR-förman: Foto

Amanda Flote

Amanda has since she began her studies at Lunds university, autumn 2017, in different ways
been engaged in Helsingkrona. Amanda is really interested in photographing. She has experiencefrom when she used to photograph theater and some other events. Amanda knows well what sheis expected to do as a PR-förman: foto and is exited to join the “PR-utskotts-team”. She iscreative and has a innovative mind which will be useful as a PR-förman: foto. Amanda is lookingforward to get more involved in Helsingkrona.

The election committee is unanimous in its decision


Två revisorssuppleanter för Helsingkrona Nation




Term of office covering approximately one semester:



PR-förman: Grafisk Design

Jonathan Frisk


Jonathan started studying at Lund University in the autumn of 2017 and has since been involved in Helsingkrona nation. In addition to working on various slabs, Jonathan has been involved in making the posters for Helsingkronas novisch activities. Jonathan wants to make the post as PR-förman grafisk design more accessible and he has ideas on how the PR-committee can develop and is positive of establish a good communication within the PR-committee and with the other committees of the nation. Jonathan has knowledge of relevant programs and believes he has an eye for design. Jonathan considers being in good time and having long-term planning is important and communication is the key to almost everything.
The election committee is unanimous in its decision.



PR-förman: Redaktör



Counterproposals are submitted to the Election Committee no later than January 18th, 5:59 pm.

Counterproposals are submitted through the nomination form on helsingkrona.se/nominering
Computer with Internet access is available at the nation’s office. Only signed nominations will be considered.

Kind regards

Erik Hickery, President of the Election Committee

The Election Committee:
Olivia Book, Emma Erlandsson,
Magdalena Signäs & Kajsa Sikström