Helsingkrona Nations Election Committee Nominates

Helsingkrona Nations Election Committee Nominates

The following persons are nominated for election at the 1st Nation Meeting on March 15th 2018



Term of office covering one year:



Tove Ekman

Tove has experience of leadership, responsibility and is skilled when it comes to planning and structure since she is studying service management logistics. She is used to solve problems and to be calm in critical situations since she was a part of a team in a newly started company. From there she gathered experience of how to manage clients and solve problems in a more innovative way to meet the expectations the company had. A central part of being Kurator is being a leader and Tove has ambitions to be a straight forward and calm leader. Tove has big ambitions on how to welcome more exchange students to the nation and making it more available and to show that Helsingkrona really is the nation för everyone.

The election committee is unanimous


Prokurator Social

Maja Dahlbom


With Majas ordered and structured mind the election committee believes that she will plan the work as PQS and manage the stressful work. With her interest and knowledge in the environment the election committee is convinced that Maja will develop the work that is demanded to improve the nations environmental thinking and be a part of the future. She has a lot of ideas of how to improve slabb and reduce food waste, improve recycling and encourage and lead the förmän toward a more sustainable thinking. Maja also has good knowledge about managing food that she’s got from former work and her education. The election committee believes that Majas calm and happy nature will help her handlestressful and difficult situations in the best way and spread joy around her.

The election committee is not unanimous



By-election covering approximately one semester:


Pr-Förman: Redaktör



Proposals are submitted to the Election Committee no later than March 7th at 5:59 pm.

Counterproposals are submitted through the nomination form on helsingkrona.se/nominering
Computer with connection to the Internet is available at the nation’s expedition.
Only signed nominations will be considered.

Kind regards
Erik Hickery, President of the Election Committee

The Election Committee:
Olivia Book, Emma Erlandsson, Magdalena Signäs och Kajsa Sikström