Helsingkrona Nations Election Committee Nominates

Helsingkrona Nations Election Committee Nominates

The following persons are nominated for election at the 1st Nations meeting October 17th 2019

By election covering barely one semester:

1 member of the Election Committee

Please note: All positions for the election committee are nominated and elected at the nation meeting. If you have any
questions contact: valberedning@helsingkrona.se

Pr-förman Foto

Karolina Linton Wahlgren

The Nomination Committee has chosen to nominate Karolina Linton Wahlgren to the post of PRforeman: Photo. Karolina has previous experience of taking and editing the pictures of the club and has a great personal interest in photography. Karolina's passion for producing images from clubs and events which really shows how much fun you have at schlager makes the nomination committee convinced that Karolina will do an excellent job at the post.
The Election Committee is unanimous

Term of office covering one year:


Pro Kurator Ekonomi

Nicolas Pershaf

The Nomination Committee has chosen to nominate Nicolas Pershaf for the post of Prokurator
Ekonomi. Nicolas has several past experiences that the Nomination Committee believes can be of use
during the term of office, which includes, collaboration and deadlines from the job. Nicolas's previous
experience within the nation is that he has served as klubbförman for two terms and is now sexmästare.
Nicolas is studying law and has gained good knowledge of, among other things, the Accounting Act.
Nicolas has a good understanding of the collaboration between posts and committees, and has a good
understanding of how to handle mistakes and how to deal with stress. Nicolas's passion and commitment
to the nation as well as his views on the welcome of new members can get passed on, makes the
nomination committee believe that Nicolas will do a good job at the post.
The Election Committee is not unanimous

The election committee is not unanimous


Matilda Mörk Johansson

The Nomination Committee has chosen to nominate Matilda Mörk Johansson to the post of Notarie.
Matilda has several years of experience in the nation and various executive positions and commitments.
She has just taken her bachelor degree in communication which makes Matilda a candidate with
knowledge of how to reach out to the right target group, how to keep up with online technology trends
and how to promote the nation in the best way. Matilda works as a project manager for the Swedish
Football Association and also has experience working with events and event planning. Matilda has visions
of developing the nation's presence on social platforms and expanding its work with the utskottsförmän,
and help them to work across borders. The Nomination Committee is convinced that Matilda, with her
engaging manner, will do an excellent job as a Notarie
The Election Committee is unanimous

Proposals are submitted to the election committee no later than October 10th, 5:59 pm.

Proposals are submitted through the nomination form on http://helsingkrona.se/nominering

Computer with connection to the Internet is available at the nation’s expedition.

Only signed nominations will be considered.

Kind regards

Kajsa Sikström, President of the Election Committee

The Election Committee:

Fredrik Abrahamsson, Jesper Stenqvist & Markus Krook