A nation can be likened to a corporation where the CEO is responsible for the ongoing operations and the daily activity. In the nation, that person is the kurator. Seniors are compared with a company's board which makes sure that everything is properly taken care of.

Seniorskollegiet is composed of 18 people: the nation's inspector (who is the chairman), proinspektor, kuratelet and ten elected members. The formal requirements to be elected as the senior member is that the person is inscribed in the nation and they should have been so for at least four semesters. Five members are elected each fall for a term of two years. The members are elected at the nationmeeting, which is the nation's highest decision-making body where all nation’s members are enrolled in the voting.

Within Seniors there are teams that operate to make sure that the nation continues to develop in a desirable way. These groups can for example be focused on finance, HR or equality work. They investigate, process materials and then put forward proposals for decisions on senior meetings. Decisions are taken by vote where the majority wins.

Seniors have meetings every fourth Wednesday. At each meeting they get informed about the nation's business and finances from the kuratel. This is done in order to keep the members up to date with what is happening in the nation. The kuratel is a link between the seniors and the foremen. Each member of Seniors is also a sponsor for a group of foremen.

What is discussed and decided at the Senior’s meetings are availiable for everyone’s attention in the form of protocols at the office.

Unlike the majority of boards in companies, Seniors organizes the parties for everyone that have been working at Helsingkrona the last semester. They also make breakfast to all heroes who are cycling tandem on the nation’s behalf!



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