As a tenant you can find your monthly rent at Riksbyggen. Also, a certain form can be filled out to point out flaws or other things in your apartment that needs to be corrected.  

Book facilities and other rooms

As a tenant at Helsingkrona you can book the facilities and other rooms that are situated in the basement of the houses. Login and password are distributed by the House Foreman, Husforman@helsingkrona.se.

Laundry rooms - Available to be booked in both The Tower and The House.

Library - Also known as “Rutgers”. Situated in The House.

Sunk - “Shabbiness” - Helsingkronas party room located in the basement, not available for booking during week days due to tenants residing above the premises. Situated in The House

Basement conference room - A meeting room with a small kitchen. Situated in The House.

Book facilities Online (only reachable via networks within the Helsingkrona buildings)