At Helsingkrona Nation our members and visitors always comes first. That is why we continuosly work towards making everyone that come in contact with our nation feel welcome and safe. As part of our work with this we have both specific representatives and routines to make sure of this.


Equal treatment

Helsingkrona nation's equality representatives ensure that everyone at the nation are treated with respect and equality. Besides ensuring that our equality policy is followed and updated, they work continuously with equality issues throughout the nation. For example, they help the active members of the nation with equality issues and they cooperate with others in Lund who manage similar matters, such as LU's student ombudsman.

Follow this link to download the Equal Treatment plan (only available in Swedish)


How to handle alcohol responsibly

The student life in Lund offers a lot of parties and fun actitivites throughout the semesters. We think it is important that everyone active within our nation knows how to handle alcohol responsibly to look after our visitors health and safety. Therefore we have an alcohol policy that everyone working for us can use as a tool while working at our restaurants and night clubs.


The policy documents are currently only available in Swedish. Translation is in "progress".

If you have any further questions you can contact our equality representatives Magdalena and Hannes on

Environmental policy

The vision of Helsingkrona Nation’s environmental work is to continuously strive towards diminishing the negative environmental impact of the Nation. The Nation’s foremost purpose is to serve the interests of its members, which consequently includes an active environmental policy present in all its activities. As one of Lund’s largest nations, Helsingkrona takes its social responsibility for the environment seriously.

You can download the environmental policy here