New in Lund?


Lund and Lund’s University

Lund was founded in the later years of the tenth century and is the seat of Lund’s municipality that is located in the southern part of Sweden. Lund’s University was later founded in 1666 and is, with its 41 000 students, often rated as one of the 100 top universities in the world.

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Studentlund is a partnership between the nations, the Academic Society (AF) and the student unions. When you become a member of Studentlund you can access communities and culture that is part of the university-experience. You can also access ways to affect your education, establish connections to future job opportunities, place yourself in a housing queue and lots more. The nations’ main object is to create fun social activities outside of the students’ studies. The majority of those activities involve restaurants, pubs and nightclubs, but are accompanied by things like sports, magazines, choirs, scholarships and housing. Note that you need to be a member of the nation in question to be able to access their housing offers.

Read more about Studentlund, the Academic Society (AF), and the student unions here.


Helsingkrona Nation

Helsingkrona Nation, whose original name was Helsingborgs-Landskrona Nation (thus the abbreviation HB, that derives from the original abbreviation HBLK), was established year 1890 to work for good relations between students at Lund’s University.

We seek to make our members feel that they have the chance to experience some great pass-times during their time at the university, and therefore we offer a range of activities where they can have fun and meet new people! At our nation you can do things such as playing soccer with our team, FC Helsingkrona, or grab a burger at our pub, Fredmans Pub. Feel free to read more about our activity committees here, our restaurants here, and our nightclubs here.

Apart from having lots of fun with us you can just as well move in at Helsingkronagården in one of our two complexes! We are the nation that sits at the top of Tornavägen, close to quite a few of the university’s many faculties, such as Lunds Tekniska Högskola (LTH).

To become one of our members, you have to register at Studentlund first. You can do this either at their webpage or through the help of someone at our office. Once you have become a member of Studentlund, Helsingkrona will happily help you finalise your membership through a membership here at Helsingkrona Nation’s office at Tornavägen 3C. Welcome!



If you are a new student at Lund’s University, you are called a “Novisch”. To be able to join the nation-community you can join our novisch-group. To find out what is happening this novisch-period you can send an email to or join our Facebook page "Novisch på Helsingkrona VT17".


Get Involved

To come our beloved nation closer you can get involved in the various activities we have at Helsingkrona. As an active member of Helsingkrona you can create a social network as well as getting lots of experience that will enrich your life - this along with having loads of fun! Since you contribute to maintain the greatness of Helsingkrona you can be thanked in various ways such as going to sittings, receive a worker’s-card that lets you jump the queue and go in for free at our nightclubs, as well as giving you a better chance of finding housing at Helsingkrona.

There are lots of ways to get involved that require various effort, but most people like to give working at one of our restaurants a try, or join a workers’ team at our nightclub that is supervised by one of our foremen. The easiest way to get in touch with them is through our facebookgroup. If the notion of working for us sticks to your mind you can become a foreman at one of our committees or at a restaurant by contacting our PQS as