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Snörsjöaorden 2016

Helsingborgs-Landskrona Nation here by welcomes every member and other party people to the Academic Society (AF-borgen)!


Every year since 1977 Helsingborgs-Landskrona Nation has arranged a ball called Snörsjöaorden, and this is the first ball of the autumn semester of 2016 in Lund. The celebration lasts for a whole weekend; On the first day (Friday), there will be a sitting followed by a night club at Helsingkrona. The sitting is attended by, for example, our friend Nations outside of Lund who are visiting Helsingkrona for the ball. The second day (Saturday) is when the actual ball takes place at the Academic Society (AF-borgen). All guests will be served a three-course dinner and enjoy a great feast with lots of mingling and dancing until early morning. The third and last day (Sunday) will end with a brunch at Helsingkrona.

Dresscode: White tie
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What is Snörsjöaorden?

Helsingborgs-Landskrona Nation’s annual ball is called Snörsjöaorden, and takes place on the first Saturday of October (this year, October 1st). It is held to commemorate the land area - a bog, actually - that was donated to the Nation in the 1940:s by a former member, Emy Ekberg. 1976 is the year when Snörsjöaorden started. The first ball was not held until the following year, 1977, which means that the 2016 edition of Snörsjöaorden is the 39th ball. However, this year it is 40 years ago since the order was formed!

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Later Event: 2 October
Snörsjöaordens eftersläpp