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CryptoParty at Helsingkrona Nation
- Lectures and workshops about digital security. Get started with simple security measures for mobile phones, email, web browsers and passwords - afterwards you will be able to dance at Helsingkrona's nightclub Schlagernatt!

Please note that the planned Schlagernatt nightclub is cancelled for the evening in favour for a pub!

We will hold short lectures on security and data protection in cyberspace while you can hang hang out in our pub.

- Christoffer Jerkeby works with security research in the telecom industry and has developed models for security in distributed systems and develop Open Source at his free time.

- Karen Melchior is a civil servant and jurist, engaged in surveillance issues and has lectured on user interface and data protection in the industry.

- Erik Bjäreholt study computer science at Lund University and is one of the initiators of Code @ LTH, a group that organizes shared programming projects and meetings for programmers.

We will also give short introductions and help with the following tools:
- Mobile : Signal, Threema.
- Web: Adblockers (ublock , Adblock Plus), Noscript, Request Policy, Cookie Whitelist, Privacy Badger, HTTPS Everywhere. Use multiple browsers !
- E-mail: Proton, PGP
- Password manager : KeepassX . Password Generation .

Bring your laptop and/or mobile phone to participate!

No prior knowledge is necessary, but membership in Studentlund is required. Sharing own tips and experience is of course welcomed!

When: March 5, at 18:30
Where: Tornavägen 3, Helsingkrona Nation

Don't forget your personal ID and your student-ID!

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